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2024 Greater Rochester Chamber DEI Leadership Exchange Program Application

Presenting a premium 10-month initiative, exclusively available to Greater Rochester Chamber members at a value of $1,000 per participant.

Program participants enjoy priority access to secure their position within the Exchange for the subsequent year.

Eligibility Acknowledgment:

By submitting this application, I affirm that I meet the eligibility requirements for Greater Rochester Chamber's DEI Leadership Exchange program. I confirm that I am the person responsible for leading DEI efforts in my organization and that my primary role is not solely focused on DEI training. Additionally, I attest that I do not operate a DEI consultancy business. 

Should I be selected to join the program, I understand that my seat is non-transferable. I acknowledge that if my position as DEI lead within my organization becomes inactive or is eliminated, I will forfeit my seat in the DEI Leadership Exchange program.

Fields marked with an * are required.

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Full Name * Company * Title * Email *

Please provide a brief overview of your role and describe the initiatives you have taken to advance DE&I within your organization.

Enter the number of years or months you have been in your current DEI role.

Please describe your most successful accomplishments related to developing and implementing DE&I initiatives.

Share your objectives for participating in this program and what you aspire to achieve.

Describe how you plan to share your experience and knowledge related to advancing DE&I initiatives in your organization with other exchange group members.

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