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When and Where
  • 5/9/2018 7:30 AM EDT
  • 5/9/2018 9:15 AM EDT
  • Comedy at The Carlson

Work/Life Balance: Practical tools to lead a happier, healthier, less distracted life

We all have the same number of hours in a day. How do you optimize your finite amount of time to be your absolute best in life and work? How is it that some people seem to achieve more and have fun doing it? How do some people find time to exercise, have a successful career and a thriving family? How do some people have the energy to do it all?
In today’s world, successful people often juggle complex lives with significant responsibilities, at home and at work.  With this challenge comes great rewards when it is done successfully.  It is important to learn how to manage your energy over the long-haul in order to be healthier, both mentally and physically.  Join us to learn how to make the most of the finite hours in your day and you will reap the rewards in all aspects of your life. 
This workshop will show you how to focus on what matters most and squash very common habits that waste precious time.  Join us to develop a heightened level of self-awareness regarding your personal energy levels and the unproductive habits that drain you.   This session provides practical tools that can be used immediately to improve the quality of your time spent at work or home.  You will leave with strategies for achieving high performance AND personal well-being at the same time.  Creative, engaging exercises make this session a lot of fun!
Who should come: Individuals who have complex, full lives, or leaders and managers, at all levels, who want to support their team members with complex, full lives.
Presenter: Batiste Leadership Partner Katelyn Donald

Sponsored by: Five Star Bank 

Time: 7:30 - 9:15 a.m.

Cost: Complimentary for members, $50 non-members

Location: Banquet Room/Comedy at The Carlson
                     50 Carlson Rd
                     Rochester NY 14610